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LAF Event Planned

"Because of their age-long training in human relations - for that is what feminine intuition really is-women have a special contribution to make to any group enterprise, and I feel it is up to them to contribute this kind of AWARENESS."
Paraphrasing Margaret Mead

November 10, 2001 has been named Legal Advocacy Fund and AWARENESS Day throughout Florida AAUW. New Smyrna Beach is hosting a special day at Spruce Creek Country Club from 10 a.m. We have invited Dr. Sarah Arefi, formerly with Florida International University. Dr. Arefi will be speaking on her fight to retain

to our
Scholarship Winners

  • Katherine Coleman
U of FL

  • Celeste Guarnari

  • Tamela Haney

  • Lanell Howell

  • Maria Jencura

  • Tara Loomis

  • Erin Miller

  • Arica Mines

  • Rebeca Nixon

  • Amanda Story
Embry Riddle

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Board meetings will be held the 4th Wednesday of each month from 4 to 6 pm at the New Smyrna Beach Library. 

October Branch meeting will be held on :
October 13th at Sugar Mill.
The November, December, and January branch meetings will be held at Spruce Creek.  All other branch meetings will be held at Sugar Mill.

Show Your Support For The
Legal Advocacy Fund!

We are celebrating 20 years as the New Smyrna Beach branch of AAUW.  We will be honoring that proactive group of women who had the foresight and dedication to make  a real long term commitment  - our Charter Members.  This year I am challenging each of you to borrow some inspiration from these great ladies and bring a new member to our organization.  Who will bring the first?

~Cindy Lovell

It is sadly noted that Betty MacKenzie died on August 26th.  She served on our board and was very involved with the Black Heritage Museum effort..