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Inside this issue:

LAF is the
"Wind Beneath Our Wings"

Four AAUW branches, Daytona Beach, Flagler, New Smyrna Beach and St. Augustine, were represented at the Northeast Interbranch and Legal Advocacy Awareness Day at Spruce Creek Country Club. Our FL AAUW President, Leslie Henderson, spoke of many important up and coming dates (Lobby Days in Tallahassee and April Convention in Tampa) and graciously answered all questions.  Marion Hassell, President of Flagler Branch, suggested that members should relate their experiences of gender discriminations in the work place during the sixties and seventies. Marie Armstrong, Jo Kelton, Doris Mates and Laura Schwartz of Daytona Beach, represented four professions and saved the day. (Our speaker, an M.D., had a medical emergency.) They truly were the "wind beneath our wings," providing a true AAUW spirit. Legal Advocacy Fund collected over four hundred dollars among the branches attending in our fight against discrimination against women.

One LAF plaintiff, Colleen Crangle, after successfully suing Stanford University said, "Knowing that thousands of women knew and cared about discrimination in academia made me feel I was "floating on a ocean of support."

Special thanks to Pat Kershner, Dru Synal, Marjory Abbott, Marie Abbott, Joan Nulty and Nancy Smith (Interbranch President).  Thank you for your "ocean of support" loyal members and guests.                          ~Alex Sterling, Director of LAF FLAAUW

Special points of interest:

  • If you're in a quandary about holiday gift giving, why not buy a gift certificate from one of our own business sponsors?  They loyally support us throughout the year, and many of us patronize them on a regular basis.  However, if you have not yet visited some of our business sponsors, perhaps the gift  giving of the winter holidays will inspire you to stop by and take a closer look at the fine businesses that support AAUW.

  • Remember, if you make a luncheon reservation but are unable to attend, please remember to submit payment to Marjory Abbot.  We must pay for every reservation regardless of attendance.

  • Successful projects are sought for spotlighting at the April convention.  If you have a suggestion, please share it with Gerry Tatham.

  • Please submit newsletter items to Cindy Lovell by December 26th.

Brenda Axelsen, Pres. Daytona Beach, Nancy Smith, Pres. Northeast Interbranch, Leslie Henderson, Pres. FL AAUW, Marion Hassell, Pres. Flagler County, Janet Hutson, Pres. St. Augustine, and Cindy Lovell, Pres. New Smyrna Beach.