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At our May 13th meeting, we had the privilege of awarding eleven scholarships to eleven deserving women.  It was a memorable occasion.  We presented awards in memory of three special branch members: Mary Ann Goff, to a returning student, Florence Panattoni, to a woman who is planning to enter the teaching profession, and Libby Curtis, for academic achievement.  The recipients attended with members of their families as well as friends to share in the festivities.

We must thank Marie Armstrong, Lois Brickley-McFadden, Peggy Cannon, Marge Keenan and Susan Mallow for all their hard work to make this all possible.

We will be raising funds again throughout the year.  The local scholarship fund is now incorporated so that donations can be declared as a charitable deduction. 

I also wish to extend a special thank you to all our members who were most generous this past year.  I look forward to another successful scholarship program in the months ahead.

    ~ Joan Nulty, Chair


And the winners are…Donna Aftuk (FSU), Brynn Ahrens (Stetson),
Breanna Ayers (DBCC), Ashley Benedict (UF), Jennifer Collins (UF), Merry Smith Martinez (DBCC), Michelle Ohlson (UF), Mari Reed (UCF), Sara Salzano (UCF), and Ann Marie Smith (UCF).  Congratulations and best wishes!